Welcome to the Bengal Cat Club

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bengak cat

Welcome to the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain Website
The club has existed for many years to promote and develop the Bengal breed in the UK and has always maintained a strong presence in the cat fancy with a large active membership of both breeders and pet owners. We hope this website will inform, educate and entertain anyone looking for information on Bengal Cats and the work of the club. The meteoric rise in popularity of the Bengal in the UK and worldwide has been phenomenal and many rumours and myths have grown up around the breed. In truth, the Bengal is a cat bred for stunning exotic wild coats to mimic the look of wild cats, yet with the temperament and needs of a normal domestic cat and is now one of the most popular and sought after breeds in the UK. Enjoy the website!

Guide to BCCGB Fillable PDF Forms

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bengak cat
Welcome to the BCCGB Fillable Forms. These forms have been designed to be easy to use, and as a way of saving ink and paper for everyone. Just download and save, type your data by tabbing through the form and use the “submit by email” button. On forms with a “print form” button, this can be used to either print directly or save your data to file. Email submissions go to the membership secretary for processing as required. We realise that some people do not wish to use Paypal, and these are therefore a convenient alternative. The BCCGB recommend that you use the most up to date version of Adobe Reader. This can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Kitten list forms will be processed straight away, but remember the website is only updated once a month currently. We suggest you download and save this form for future use, when closed all data is cleared. Membership forms may be submitted by email and will be processed on receipt of your cheque (please see the submission notes on page two of the form). This saves the printing, and produces clear information. Website breeder forms can be submitted directly after membership forms on joining, but are of course subject to receipt of payment. If you wish to upgrade, please mention this on the email and forward a cheque for £25 to the membership secretary (I can send my address by return email if needed).
Please read the forms and any notes before completing. The information remains visible until the form is closed, so submitting and then printing for record is possible.
On the membership form, please type your address as it should appear for posting; the information will scroll as entered. The subscription fees are shown as four costed options; please select one and with any additional items enter your total, the form does not auto-sum. On the website listing form, please crop and size your picture before clicking to select; it will be easier. Use the “submit by email”, the print form can be used to save a copy for your own records (recommended). On the kitten list, please enter using the following format:

EG 1 F2 Brown Spotted
2 Snow Marble Females.
Other 1
Russian Blue Male.

Again the information will scroll as entered. And please do not use all capitals. Any queries on the use of the forms should be emailed to the

Membership Secretary, Gerry Smith answers usually within 24 hours.

Code of Ethics

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1. I/We undertake to house, feed and care for all cats and kittens in my/our care and to call for veterinary assistance when showing signs of illness.
2. I/We undertake to use only studs and queens for breeding that are healthy, have no veterinary defects or known hereditary defects and are registered on the Active Register of a suitably recognised registering organisation.
3. I/We undertake not to sell any kitten under the age of thirteen weeks. All kittens sold shall be in good health having been conventionally vaccinated against FIE, FVR and FCV, the full course, in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, by a qualified veterinarian; the kittens also to have been health checked by qualified veterinarian.
4. I/We shall take care in selling cats or kittens to the right kind of homes where there is a reasonable expectation of a healthy and happy life and undertake that no cat or kitten will be directly or indirectly sold to retail pet shops or commercial traders.
5. I/We undertake to give guidance and advice to the owners of a new cat or kitten and agree to help with re-homing if the owners circumstances change.
6. I/We undertake to not knowingly mislead anyone with regard to the quality or health of the cat or kitten being sold, not to sell for showing or breeding any cat or kitten that does not have the required breeding or showing potential, nor knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise cats or kittens for sale and agree to always act in good faith.
7. I/We undertake that when a cat or kitten is advertised or sold as a pedigree, the breeder shall at the time of sale, provide the purchaser with a properly completed pedigree signed by the breeder carrying at least three generations, showing all breed names and numbers, registration numbers, and the breeders name and address. If, at the time of sale, the cat or kitten is registered, the seller will provide the purchaser with a transfer of ownership form completed and signed by the seller unless agreed by both parties in writing not to do so.
8. For Bengals: I/We undertake that when selling a Bengal variant, a full explanation is given of what the term “variant” means.
9. For Bengals: I/We agree that F1, F2 and F3 outcrosses from the wild Asian Leopard Cat should not be placed on show. Exhibition of F2 and F3 outcrosses from the wild Asian Leopard Cat is permitted; the owner must consider said cats suitable for exhibition.
10. I/We agree that it is my/our responsibility to be aware of and comply with any legislation that concerns my/our cat related activities; be said legislation local, national or international.

Website Privacy Policy

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Because the club wishes to demonstrate our commitment to your privacy, we have a policy to disclose the information and privacy practices that we follow to protect your personal information.

Information Collection and Use
The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain will use the information gathered from this website for “Membership Purposes” only, which means we may contact you for reasons directly related to your membership and to provide services such as Membership News Letters, Membership Renewals and to inform you of up and coming club events such as Shows, AGM’s etc.

If you are a breeder and you request our breeders listing service, or kitten listing service we will list your details publicly on the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain’s main website (www.bengalcat.org.uk)

If you request information placing on the rehoming page, or the lost and found page we will list your details publicly on the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain’s main website (www.bengalcat.org.uk)

The Bengal Cat club of Great Britain is the sole owner of the information collected and we will not sell, share or rent this information to others.

What are Cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of information that a website passes to your browser along with a web page in order to retain a reference of your visit to a website. There are two kinds of cookies.

Session Cookies: This is a line of text that is stored temporarily in your computer’s memory. It is never written to a drive and it is destroyed as soon as you close your browser.

Persistent Cookies: This is a more permanent line of text that is saved by your browser to a file on your hard drive.

The Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain’s websites use Session Cookies.

Notification of Changes
If at any point we decide to use your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify you by way of an email. You will be given the choice as to whether or not we can use your information in the amended manner.

This website takes every precaution to protect your information. The information you supply as part of your membership will be held in paper form and electronic form (on a secure PC and a secure back-up storage device). Only club officials who need access to your information will be granted access to your information and those who have access to it will be kept up-to-date on data protection practices. On your termination of membership, electronic copies of your data will be permanently deleted and paper copies will be shredded.

Opt-Out Statement
On the membership application form you have the opportunity to opt out of our public lists. If at a later time you wish to make use of these services this opt out must be withdrawn in writing.
“If you wish your details to be kept fully confidential and not included in such publications as, Breeders & Kitten Lists then please tick the box”.

Your Right to Know
Under the Data Protection Act you have the right to request a copy of the personal information that the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain holds about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. To obtain a copy of the postal address to send your requests to, please email webmaster@bengalcat-interactive.org.uk

Feel sexy anytime

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Many pet owners experience problems in bed because of their pet’s presence. Having a cat or dog starring while you try to impress your lover will only bring smiles or worse, frustration. How can you be sexy when your cat stares at you with a curious look on its pretty little face? Locking your pet far away is an option, especially if it does not bark or caterwaul too loud. But if you still have problems in bed, using SizeGenetics is your best option.

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Irrespective of what lowers your libido, be it your cat or something else, with SizeGenetics you will get to feel sexy anytime and you will manage to bring back passion in your life. Use this highly effective male enhancement option and enjoy a more satisfying sex life!

Your estrogen levels affect you?

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After a certain age, hormone production goes down and many changes occur in the body of women. They become anxious, depressed, moody and irascible, with menopause or premenstrual problems and they are likely to be short-tempered in their relationships with their husband, lover, children and even their pets. If your estrogen levels are low, your cat can be affected too, because you might be agitated and nervous all the time, based on WebMD. Another consequence of low estrogen levels in your body will reflect on the appearance of your breasts. But Brestrogen will help you balance hormone levels and get more beautiful breasts in a natural and healthy way.

Get firmer and more appealing breasts with Brestrogen

brestrogen cat breastThe breast cream is made of natural ingredients that balance hormone levels, enhance blood circulation and improve estrogen distribution to breast so they will be less saggy. As women age, their estrogen levels drop and their reproductive system is affected. Their breast becomes less firm and less attractive, but Brestrogen Enhancement Cream will help them balance estrogen levels and improve the health and appearance of their bust.

This natural enhancement cream is made of purified extracts of Pueraria Mirifica, herb that is also known as the “Elixir of Life”. This medicinal herb is rich in phytoestrogens, which mimic the female hormone estrogen. Unlike chemical pills that contain estrogen, Pueraria Mirifica does not cause negative or unwanted side effects and the consumers can use Brestrogen Enhancement Cream without being afraid that their health state might get damaged. The fatty tissue will be increased in breasts, which will become firmer, uplifted, more youthful and considerably more appealing in a natural and healthy way.

Your husband, children and cat will thank you for using Brestrogen cream because you will become less moody and you will alleviate the symptoms of menopause or premenstrual syndrome. You will no longer be irascible, because the estrogen promotion will help you feel younger and better in your own skin. However, your breasts will look amazing again and your self-esteem will be considerably enhanced because your chest will gain two more cups in bust size.

For some women, getting bigger and firmer bust is their deepest desire. They are willing to try many risky methods that can result in side effects and complications. Breast pumps and breast augmentation surgery involve numerous risks, but this does not stop women from trying to achieve what they most want: bigger breasts. Although breast enlargement surgery procedure can end up with infections, severe pain, uneven breasts and leakage of the implant and despite the fact that this procedure is quite expensive, women still go under the knife to get bigger and fuller breasts.

Brestrogen Enhancement Cream is highly efficient and offers the results desired in 6 months of treatment. It does not offer immediate results, like surgery, but women will not harm their health and they do not risk getting uneven breasts or other complications. If you want to feel better about yourself and get bigger, uplifted and more youthful breasts in a natural and healthy way, Brestrogen is your best solution.

The curiosity did not kill the cat- it killed your libido

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sizegenetics libido ruined by catMy cat watches me when I am on the toilet. It might seem hilarious, but if it would happen to you, you wouldn’t say anymore that it is funny. Cats have a weird curiosity and watch their owners like they are some kind of freaks. I read on a forum that someone’s cat watches his owner while he has sex with his girlfriend. Now this is funny! No matter how unbelievable it might sound, cats do such things and the truth is that it can inhibit people and even prevent them from doing… what they do.

Does your cat ruin your romantic moments?

A reduced libido can seriously affect a relationship, no matter if the cat is guilty or not of this entire situation. Close the doors and make sure your cat is not in the room when you are about to spend some intimate moments with your partner, because the presence of your cat starring at you can reduce your sex drive and kill your libido. If erectile dysfunction bothers you and you are affected by occasional episodes of premature ejaculation, you should try SizeGenetics and solve these unpleasant problems.

SizeGenetics is a medical device developed to enhance the penis size naturally, to strengthen any curvatures, to treat erectile dysfunction and to increase the sex drive in a natural, safe and healthy way. This penile traction device applies a constant force on the male sexual organ that generates production of new cells, elongation of penile, improved blood flow to the genitals and healing of tissues. In only a few months of treatment, the consumers will gain a few inches more in penis length, up to 25% more in penis girth and their libido will become impressive.

Regardless if the curiosity of your cat kills your libido or you just want to spice up a little your love life, I guarantee you that SizeGenetics will offer you benefits that you will enjoy. Erectile dysfunction can appear due to stress, low self-esteem, anxiety, guilt or marital problems, according to WebMD, but SizeGenetics will boost your sex drive and improve the health of the reproductive system. You only have to wear the device for several hours per day and after a few months you will achieve the results desired.

A bigger penis is what many men would want to obtain, but when it is achieved in a natural, safe and healthy way it is even better. SizeGenetics male enhancement device will enhance the blood circulation to the penile, elongate penis size and eliminate erectile dysfunction naturally. But if you want to really enjoy the moments spent with your girlfriend, make sure that you dismiss your cat and lock the door. Not only your libido can suffer due to the curiosity of your cat, because even your partner’s mood can be ruined by the presence of your little, cute pet.

SizeGenetics is a highly effective and safe device that offers you a few inches more in penis length and brings back passion in your life. Give it a try and see the results with your own eyes!

Did you know that you can prevent your hair from falling?

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All women, men and children may be affected by hair loss, in certain conditions and due to various reasons. Hair loss can occur because of hormones, genes, aging, stress, nutritional deficiencies, medications or health problems, which often cause thinning of hair, diffuse hair loss or even bald patches, lowering the self-esteem and leading to anxiety or even depression.
Profollica Hair Recovery System has been formulated to get to the root of hair loss in men and to stimulate the regrowth of healthy hair. Including a dietary supplement and an activator gel, Profollica Hair Recovery System help men regain their self-esteem together with the beautiful appearance of a scalp full of healthy and strong hair.
ProfollicaMost cases of hair loss in men occur because of the male hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, which affects the follicles and cause their miniaturization. The condition is known as male pattern baldness and it manifests as receding hairline and disappearance of hair from the top of crown and temples. Some of the follicles in these areas are so damaged, that they just stop producing new hairs. But the follicles remain dormant, meaning that with proper treatment, they can be repaired and grow back hair.
Profollica dietary supplement starts functioning from the inside. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, herbal extracts and other nutrients that help normalizing the production of Dihydrotestosterone. The pills have to be taken daily for at least a few months in order to regain the scalp full of hair. The ingredients included in Profollica oral supplement stop and prevent thinning of hair, rebuild follicles and strengthen hair strands, but they also improve the absorption of nutrients and proteins into scalp, support the detoxification process and stimulate the general health of hair, scalp and follicles.
Profollica activator gel must be used on scalp and hair after the shampoo, on clean and damp hair and it should not be washed or removed. The activator gel works directly on the area affected and has in its formula ingredients that reduce the levels of Dihydrotestosterone, promote the healing process and repair the follicles, fortify hair strands, delay aging, increase the texture and flexibility of hair and encourage the regrowth of healthy hair.
If the consumers want to achieve the best results, they should use Profollica pills together with the activator gel for about 6 months. After just one month of administration, the consumers of Profollica Hair Recovery System for Men will notice that hair loss is reduced, hair strands are stronger and the follicles are less fragile.
Profollica system gets to the root of the problem, blocks the production of Dihydrotestosterone and stimulates the repair of follicles, so healthy hair will grow back again naturally. This system is doctor endorsed, numerous customers have already tried it and the manufacturer also provides a 60 day money back guarantee.
If you want to stop and prevent the development of male pattern baldness, Profollica is for you. Use Profollica Hair Recovery System for men and prevent your hair from falling!

The house of my dreams

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I recently saw a friend building a house that just left me surprised. It is a home in a tree. First I thought he was joking and that it is a kid treehouse. But the house was actually a full-fledged home with all the comforts!



Large windows, spacious and light makes home seem huge. Located a few meters from the ground, anchored by some very thick pillars, wooden house is actually ideal home for anyone. I recently saw one that had a meeting room.
My friend’s house, the one that I was telling it, have a bathroom equipped in a rustic way, living room is spacious and well organized, air kitchen is equipped with everything you want! You can be a chef in here! It has a large balcony and access stairs like in a story: small steps but straight from solid wood, make you climb in dream.
The house was built by the folks of the Treehouse Design, a team of craftsmen with many such houses at active! What can you want more than to be surrounded by the tranquility of nature, the rustling leaves in the autumn or cool air in the morning!



So I decided myself to try my luck and I build such a house in a forest near the city. I hope I succeed the project and will return with new information about my moments of relaxation! I get to work as soon as I visit some houses! Yeah, I always liked the forest!
Not for a long time, my ideals in homes were a house somewhere where is peace and quiet, where I can relax whenever I want it and especially somewhere in the woods. In my preparation I read on internet and I saw many projects and house plans, like on cooltreehouseplans.com.
So I want to show you the house of my dreams and more recently, from reality! Treehouse because I talking about it, is my only project that I’m going to finish it this year!
The house I saw recently, is located a few meters from the ground, is spacious (although you did not say at first look) and has everything it needs. I want to opt for one with a view of the sky (I love to watch the stars at night). It building I want to be wooden, windows want them to be wide, and I’d rather be minimalist with furniture.
Well, I would not mind any hammock as I saw at Treehouse Design group in which I could linger with a book in hand.
Do not be surprised by the strength of the house, believe me, withstand any weather condition or wind or rain or snow. The pillars are well grounded and give a touch of elegance and finesse of the house.
So that’s how it sound my future treehouse. Simple but with taste, refined and also classical exactly on my thoughts and my idea. I invite you to explore wonderful universe of the beautiful treehouses.

Source: blueforest.com

Why should you choose natural enhancement pills?

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One of the biggest concerns of men is related to the size of their penis. Due to internet and technology, they have now the chance to find out more about this issue and, furthermore, they can improve the size and girth of their penile by using natural and safe solutions.

vimaxVimax Male Enhancement is one of the safest and secure natural male enhancement products that you could opt for. Including in its highly effective formula only potent herbs and no artificial chemicals, this product offers a significant boost in confidence, raising the libido, improving the performance in bed and eliminating the premature ejaculation episodes.

It is not quite recommended to take any pills without the advice of a doctor or at least after some research. Whether you are looking for pills to improve your confidence or to raise your sexual performance, you should know that some male enhancement products could produce unwanted side effects that may even harm your health.

Find a natural product recommended by doctors and which does not offer negative side effects. Vimax Male Enhancement is doctor endorsed and proved to be highly efficient in boosting the sex drive, increasing the endurance and improving the sexual desire. Unlike Viagra or Cialis, Vimax does not increase the heart rate and it will not provide you headaches, nausea nor urethra injuries.

Unlike chemical pills that are used to treat sexual issues, Vimax is safe to use and it may also improve the overall health as well. Ginkgo Biloba improves the brain activity, increases the blood flow to genitals and kills bacteria and fungi, Ginseng boosts the immune system, lowers blood sugar levels, boosts endurance and treats erectile dysfunction, while Saw Palmetto treats enlarged prostate, it improves the erections, it slightly stops balding and it provides relief to colds, coughs and sore throat.

If you are seeking for a product with safe results, a male enhancement that improves stamina and provides larger and stronger erections, Vimax is the product that you need. Not only that it increases the libido and it improves the quality of erections, but Vimax also promotes the health of the reproductive system and it improves fertility as well.

Although there are numerous manufacturers that provide male enhancement products, not all of these supplements are natural, efficient or safe to use. A manufacturer that has the confidence to provide a money back guarantee is sure to offer a potent product. Vimax Male Enhancement offers a 60 day money back guarantee, so if there is any case when the customers were not satisfied by the product, they have the chance to recover their money.

Choose a product manufactured by an experienced company. Vimax Group has 11 years of innovation and expertise, so you can certainly rely that their product is effective and safe. Furthermore, the manufacturer of Vimax provides 24/7 customer support, but you can also contact the experts via chat or email.

Read the reviews of the customers who have already tested the product. Convince yourself that Vimax pills improve the size and girth of penis, while it also increase stamina and raise the libido. Try Vimax Male Enhancement and discover its benefits!

Did you ever wonder how some people never age?

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Maybe they get some wrinkles on their skin or their hair is graying but they are as energetic and as strong as they were in their youth. I bet you wish for this to happen too. Well, it is possible with Sytropin.

sytropinBefore I tell you more about Sytropin and about how it works I must tell you about why our bodies get weaker while we are growing old. It is all about the Human Growth Hormone. This is a hormone produced by the brain that promotes cells regeneration, strengthens the immune system and also boosts the tissue regeneration. Well, when we are ageing, the Human Growth Hormone’s levels in our bodies decrease, and this is the reason why wrinkles start appearing on our skin, why our hair is graying, why we get sick more often and why we feel weaker and weaker.

Human Growth Hormone’s levels are decreasing very fast… almost every 40 years old person is deficient in Human Growth Hormone.

This is why we need Sytropin. It is the best Human Growth Hormone supplement on the market because it is 100% natural, it is very effective and it is also very easily absorbed by our body because it must be sprayed directly in our mouths and the Human Growth Hormone’s components and the other special substances are delivered directly in the blood.

Sytropin is made from many high quality ingredients, each of them with its own role:

~ L – Glutamine: Supports the immune system and boosts the athletic performances;

~ L – Arginine: Supports potency and it also has roles in muscle growth;

~ L – Dopa bean extract: Boost Human Growth Hormone’s levels;

~ L – Lysine: Assists the blood vessels and it also conserves the calcium found in our bodies;

~ L – Valine: It promotes muscle recovery and wounds recovery;

~ L – Tyrosine: Has many roles in neurotransmission;

~ L – Isoleucine: Promotes muscle recovery and also has many roles in muscle growth;

~ Gaba: Has many roles in neurotransmission, it supports the nervous system and it also aids our sleep cycle, giving us a more effective sleep;

~ Alpha GPC: Boosts the Human Growth Hormone’s level from our bodies and it also supports our focus;

~ Glycine: Supports our memory and cognition;

~ Moomiyo Extract: Strengthens and reduces the pain in our bones;

~ Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate: it improves athletic performances and it also promotes muscle growth.

Sytropin does not give any side – effects and it also is very easy to use. You must spray it two times under the tongue each morning and hold it there for 2-3 minutes and four times each night before you go to sleep. For best effects, you must let Sytropin to be absorbed directly into the mouth… you should not swallow it very fast. If you are taking it respecting the program I told you about earlier you should already feel a big difference after only two weeks.

It also has a 90 day guarantee so if you are not satisfied you will get all your money back, but I don’t think that will happen. Anyway, it is a very good treatment that is really worth a try.

Livatrex – tips for clean liver

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Health and vitality depend directly on liver health. The thousands of enzyme systems that control virtual body activity are created in the liver. If the liver is not functioning properly and not cause one of these enzymes, body functions are diminished, setting up stress. Lymph is composed of lymph fluid which in turn is composed of fluid in the tissues in which the cells and fluid collected from blood vessels. These blood vessels resemble some tubes that connect the lymph glands of the body. The lymphatic system is called the immune system.

A modern lifestyle can affect the health liver. Alcohol, tobacco, pollution, food additives, pesticides in agriculture, stress, medications, liver stones etc. All of these can destroy liver cells.

Symptoms of an imbalance in the liver are: headache, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diseases affecting the nervous system (Alzheimer and Parkinson). When the liver is damaged it can not eliminate toxins that can get into the bloodstream and even the brain.

livatrexTips to keep your liver health

1. Eliminate the foods they allegedly intolerant.

2. Quit stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol and cigarettes. Consume at least 2, 5 liters of water per day.

3. Eat foods rich in antioxidants. This creates a natural process of detoxification of the body. Do you know what foods to eat? Include in your menu: broccoli, cabbage, soy products, brussels sprouts, kale, etc.. They contain nutrients (vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc and magnesium) which help the immune system. Besides, these nutrients are antioxidants, which fight free radicals that destroy tissues and are involved in enzymes that help the body to purify chemicals.

4. Daily take echinacea supplements based. All herbs help to purify the blood and tonic effect on the skin.

5. Livatrex! Use for cleaning the liver to better detox for better digestion and a clean colon. Being a combination of herbs, Livatrex is a natural and well accepted by the body.

6. Easy Exercise! Doing exercise increases lymphatic activity throughout the body, causing perspiration and thus more urine is secreted, it encouraged the liver, the intestines are stimulated to get rid of leftover food, all of which can detoxify your body. Gentle exercise is key, however, and that is because you will find walking, swimming or cycling beneficial. Doing sports daily functioning normally lungs, blood gets more oxygen and increase blood circulation.

7. Avoid excess salt and sugar. Rather than using the full salt better uses herbs, pepper, chilli and lemon juice to give extra flavor. Too much sugar is not recommended for anyone especially those people who a weakened defense system.

8. Saturated fats are difficult to process by the liver, so it is good to limit the amount of sausage, ham, hot dogs, high fat dairy products, cream, cheese (which contain saturated fat). In the list of products with saturated fat fries sign. Although they are not healthy tasty. Limit consumption of processed foods: white flour, white rice, cookies, candy and replaces them with brown rice, tomatoes, Brazil nuts, garlic, chicken, organic oat bran, beet. Avoid multi-vitamins that contain iron, it is stored in the liver. In addition to iron supplementation increase the risk of iron poisoning.

Why Calcium is essential for our and your body

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Calcium is an element significant for each and every cell of our organism. Our bones, teeth, heart, nervous system and muscles require calcium in order to function properly or to maintain their health.

Intracal is a dietary supplement that contains calcium orotate and magnesium orotate and helps the consumers to maintain the health of their bones and teeth, to control the blood pressure and a healthy nervous system.

intracalCalcium is a mineral essential for a healthy diet and vital for our overall health. The additional amounts of calcium and stored in the bones and taken from there when the body needs calcium to support its various processes. The bones are strong and dense due to the calcium contained, but neurotransmitter releases, muscle contractions and exocytosis require calcium as well.

Many studies have proved that a nutrition rich in calcium not only that promotes the general health, but it also treats some health conditions. Calcium is used to prevent bone problems, hypertension and kidney stones, to regulate blood pressure, to support the weight loss process and even for cancers or rectum, colon or prostate.

If taken regularly, calcium reduces the risk of developing colon cancer and cardiovascular disease, it cuts down the absorption of lipids in the body, it boosts the lipid excretion and it decreases the levels of bad cholesterol in blood.

Due to the fact that older people absorb harder the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food, they need to supplement the calcium intake or even take dietary products with calcium. Otherwise their bones will become thicker and eventually they will develop osteoporosis. Calcium is deposited in bone tissues, but if the organism does not assimilate enough calcium from nutrition it will take it from bones to maintain the normal biological function. This process, if repeated, leads to damaging the bone structure, therefore many falls and fractures and even osteoporosis.

Calcium has been proved to support the weight loss process. During some scientific studies some volunteers had to ingest more calcium than usual and they have noticed that calcium acts as a remarkable appetite suppressant. This means that they have managed to eat less and they have not experienced food cravings.

Proper amounts of calcium are required not just for the normal function of the body, but also to prevent calcium deficiency disease. The symptoms of calcium deficiency disease are depression, muscle spasms, tingling in the feet, hands and face, memory loss and even hallucinations.

Children, adolescents, pregnant or nursing women and older people should increase the intake of calcium to support the health of their bone structure and to promote their overall health.

Intracal is a highly efficient supplement with calcium orotate and magnesium orotate that supports the consumers to build stronger and denser bones, to maintain healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system and to suppress their appetite, as well.

Take Intracal to prevent the developing of calcium deficiency disease and promote the general wellbeing!

Prostacet – Some facts about prostate

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Prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer affecting men. Worrying is that most of them do not know anything about this gland and obviously can not prevent the disease.

prostacetWhat is the prostate? The prostate is a small gland about the size and the size of a nut. It is below the bladder and enclose the upper part of the urethra – the tube that carries urine and semen by the penis. The prostate gland produces a thick clear fluid that mixes with sperm to form semen.

How do I know if I have prostate problems? Flow of urine is a good indicator for prostate problems. These signs do not necessarily indicate the presence of prostate cancer, there may be other conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate, which is restricted urinary flow, and therefore there will be the need to urinate more often, especially at night or prostatitis the acute and chronic inflamed prostate gland. It is estimated that 35% of men with chronic prostatitis may face in life, and the symptoms that manifest are frequent urination and pain, decreased libido or erectile failure.

Is Prostate cancer hereditary? If your family members have been or are to suffer from prostate cancer, and you risk to develop the disease is quite high. Therefore you must inform your doctor when you go to control routines about these issues and also you perform specific tests regularly. For any other problems we should have in our routine Prostacet a product that supports prostate health, normal urine flow and prostate function in normal health.

Diet can influence cancer? Experts at the American Institute for Cancer Research estimates that over 30% of all cancers are related to diet mistakes we make. So, diet plays a key role in preventing prostate cancer. Try to eat six servings of colorful fruits and vegetables per day and three servings of fatty fish per week (salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines). It is rich in vitamin D and omega-3 and omega-6. Studies show that selenium reduces the risk of prostate cancer and fight cell damage. The importance of selenium sources are broccoli, Brazil nuts, seafood, asparagus, brown rice and onion. Men who live in the Mediterranean region have a lower risk of disease just. They contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps to restore cells. According to a study conducted for 6 years 47,000 men, those who eat 10 meals per week containing the tomato-based dishes have a risk of up to 45% less to develop prostate cancer. Other studies have shown that the Japanese and Chinese have fewer cases of prostate cancer by drinking green tea. It is rich in polyphenols and help prevent disease. Should I quit or limit alcohol consumption, the maximum limit for a man is 2 drinks per day and drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Obesity is another risk factor for cancer. Therefore we have to reduce the number of kilograms, replacing saturated fats with mono and polyunsaturated. Eat meat sparingly and give up margarine, chips and other processed products. We know that food prepared at home is the best alternative, provided they are cooked healthier.

Does sports help me? Regular physical activity helps to prevent obesity and strengthen your immune system. Studies show that sport is beneficial even for men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing treatment. A team of researchers in Boston found that maintaining a healthy weight and proper diet helps cancer patients live longer. The study, which included 900 men showed that overweight men shows a twofold risk of dying within five years of diagnosis than those who were normal weight and live longer.

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