Guide to BCCGB Fillable PDF Forms

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Welcome to the BCCGB Fillable Forms. These forms have been designed to be easy to use, and as a way of saving ink and paper for everyone. Just download and save, type your data by tabbing through the form and use the “submit by email” button. On forms with a “print form” button, this can be used to either print directly or save your data to file. Email submissions go to the membership secretary for processing as required. We realise that some people do not wish to use Paypal, and these are therefore a convenient alternative. The BCCGB recommend that you use the most up to date version of Adobe Reader. This can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:
Kitten list forms will be processed straight away, but remember the website is only updated once a month currently. We suggest you download and save this form for future use, when closed all data is cleared. Membership forms may be submitted by email and will be processed on receipt of your cheque (please see the submission notes on page two of the form). This saves the printing, and produces clear information. Website breeder forms can be submitted directly after membership forms on joining, but are of course subject to receipt of payment. If you wish to upgrade, please mention this on the email and forward a cheque for £25 to the membership secretary (I can send my address by return email if needed).
Please read the forms and any notes before completing. The information remains visible until the form is closed, so submitting and then printing for record is possible.
On the membership form, please type your address as it should appear for posting; the information will scroll as entered. The subscription fees are shown as four costed options; please select one and with any additional items enter your total, the form does not auto-sum. On the website listing form, please crop and size your picture before clicking to select; it will be easier. Use the “submit by email”, the print form can be used to save a copy for your own records (recommended). On the kitten list, please enter using the following format:

EG 1 F2 Brown Spotted
2 Snow Marble Females.
Other 1
Russian Blue Male.

Again the information will scroll as entered. And please do not use all capitals. Any queries on the use of the forms should be emailed to the

Membership Secretary, Gerry Smith answers usually within 24 hours.