Facts you did not know about hair loss

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Hair loss is unfortunately a frequent condition that affects numerous persons at some point in their lives. Although the androgenetic hair loss affects both women and men, it is significantly worse in men. Low vitamin levels, thyroid disease or anemia are some factors that could cause hair loss.

Provillus is an efficient hair growth treatment produced to help women and men who need to cure or prevent the hair loss. Getting to the root of the problem, Provillus has two different formulas, for women and for men, and helps stop hair loss, promotes a healthy hair regrowth and improves the appearance of scalp. A detailed presentation of these two formulas can be found on the pages of www.provillus.org.

provillusAlopecia is actually the medical term for hair loss. But there are many types of scalp hair loss, so it may be a little tricky to identify the precise cause that led to hair loss. Alopecia areata, traction alopecia, tinea capitis or trichotillomania are causes of patchy hair loss, while a diffuse or generalized hair loss may be more unpleasant. Telogen effluvium – due to a sudden weight loss, fever or childbirth and androgenetic hair loss – female-pattern baldness or male-pattern baldness – are the most frequent conditions that produce an overall thinning of hair, but without the specific bald spots, such as from patchy hair loss.

Normally, scalp hairs grow for about three years (anagen phase) then they enter in the resting phase (telogen). In the course of the three months of telogen phase, the root of hair shrivels into a tiny club and the hair falls. But it is normal to lose almost 100 hairs every day, because these hairs will be replaced. A sudden, more shocking hair loss may be caused by a sudden weight loss, fever, surgery, childbirth, severe illness or some serious emotional stress or loss.

Androgenic alopecia involves a combination of heredity and hormones, but the cause is unknown. The hair of people affected by androgenic alopecia does not grow back, just like after the telogenic phase. It is not a reversible telogen shedding and the hair does not grow back. This androgenic alopecia may be inherited from both mother’s side or from father’s family. It is not true that longer hair puts pressure on roots, just like wearing hats does not cause hair loss and shampooing certainly does not increase balding.

There are plenty of solutions to treat hair loss, many products available on market and even surgery promise to promote regrowth of hair. Pills, supplements, solutions, oils and surgery can be your best option to restore the appearance of your scalp.

Provillus is a powerful supplement that contains efficient ingredients which promote the natural and healthy hair regrowth, treating the root cause of hair loss and even preventing reoccurrence of hair loss. Having two special formulas for women and for men, Provillus is designed to help them both in order to restore a beautiful and healthy scalp.

Cure your alopecia and prevent the loss of your hair with Provillus!

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