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Colon – clean health

Detoxification becomes necessary when, despite a balanced lifestyle, there are states undue fatigue, bloating and digestive disorders. Eliminating toxins should start with the large intestine and liver and continue with kidney.
Doctors claim that many health problems (e.g., migraines, psoriasis) could be prevented by simply removing toxins from the body at regular intervals (every two to four months). Naturally, the body should eliminate these toxins through the colon (large intestine), kidneys, lungs and skin. However, due to unbalanced lifestyle, these organs are no longer able to carry out tasks. Moreover, there are some signs that show an inability to eliminate single residues. These include bloating, constipation, difficult digestion, respiratory and skin problems. Therefore, detoxification has to be stimulated.

oxy_powder1Correct Colon Detoxification

The colon must be cleaned first. To achieve proper detoxification is recommended that the process of eliminating toxins begin by cleaning the colon. In this respect, the diet must consist mainly from cereals, fruits and vegetables because they contain dietary fiber that stimulates bowel movements. Such a diet is designed to tone muscles and intestinal (gut contents causes muscle atrophy) and the ability to render mucosal a digestion and assimilation of nutrients. This is because, over time, medication and stress, unhealthy food destroys intestinal microflora. Therefore, the metabolism is disturbed and occurs dysbacteriosis (impaired balance intestinal flora).

Another effective remedy is OXY-POWDER, probiotic capsules containing ozone-oxygenated magnesium, organic germanium-132 and citric acid, specially designed to detoxify the colon to restore intestinal flora and to clean toxins from the body. Moreover, Oxy-Powder is very easy for the body, with medical certificate. Provides abdominal comfort as soon as the capsule is taken. Eliminate problems such as bloating, lack of energy, occasional problems with constipation, low immunity and weight problems. Oxy-Powder eliminate these problems by concentration of oxygen and magnesium and is highly recommended in the treatment of colon detoxification.

An effective remedy is garlic (an essential source of “good” bacteria). In this sense, for two weeks, will receive two cloves of garlic each an hour before breakfast and two hours before dinner. According to doctors, a hint of “treatment” is missing bloated feeling after a meal. Detoxification liver completes the elimination of toxins from the body. Colon toxins pass through the intestinal wall and reach the bloodstream. And, the liver must clean the blood. But an excess of toxins in the blood not only increases liver fatigue and this it no longer fails to meet demands. As a result, the unpurified blood reaches the general circulation. Therefore, it is best to detoxify the liver to follow in the colon.

The best ally of the liver detoxification process is the dietary fibers that are found in abundance in dry white beans, prunes, bread, rye, hazelnuts, wheat and wheat germ, almonds, nuts, peas and raisins. Kidneys are three major detoxification pathway since in 24 hours, they have the ability to filter 150 liters of blood. To clean the kidneys is recommended at least two liters of water per day and natural diuretics, such as fruits, vegetables and various plants (corn silk, nettle, heather etc.). Cleaning the body through detoxification diets is only with medical advice.

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