The house of my dreams

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I recently saw a friend building a house that just left me surprised. It is a home in a tree. First I thought he was joking and that it is a kid treehouse. But the house was actually a full-fledged home with all the comforts!



Large windows, spacious and light makes home seem huge. Located a few meters from the ground, anchored by some very thick pillars, wooden house is actually ideal home for anyone. I recently saw one that had a meeting room.
My friend’s house, the one that I was telling it, have a bathroom equipped in a rustic way, living room is spacious and well organized, air kitchen is equipped with everything you want! You can be a chef in here! It has a large balcony and access stairs like in a story: small steps but straight from solid wood, make you climb in dream.
The house was built by the folks of the Treehouse Design, a team of craftsmen with many such houses at active! What can you want more than to be surrounded by the tranquility of nature, the rustling leaves in the autumn or cool air in the morning!



So I decided myself to try my luck and I build such a house in a forest near the city. I hope I succeed the project and will return with new information about my moments of relaxation! I get to work as soon as I visit some houses! Yeah, I always liked the forest!
Not for a long time, my ideals in homes were a house somewhere where is peace and quiet, where I can relax whenever I want it and especially somewhere in the woods. In my preparation I read on internet and I saw many projects and house plans, like on
So I want to show you the house of my dreams and more recently, from reality! Treehouse because I talking about it, is my only project that I’m going to finish it this year!
The house I saw recently, is located a few meters from the ground, is spacious (although you did not say at first look) and has everything it needs. I want to opt for one with a view of the sky (I love to watch the stars at night). It building I want to be wooden, windows want them to be wide, and I’d rather be minimalist with furniture.
Well, I would not mind any hammock as I saw at Treehouse Design group in which I could linger with a book in hand.
Do not be surprised by the strength of the house, believe me, withstand any weather condition or wind or rain or snow. The pillars are well grounded and give a touch of elegance and finesse of the house.
So that’s how it sound my future treehouse. Simple but with taste, refined and also classical exactly on my thoughts and my idea. I invite you to explore wonderful universe of the beautiful treehouses.


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