Why Calcium is essential for our and your body

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Calcium is an element significant for each and every cell of our organism. Our bones, teeth, heart, nervous system and muscles require calcium in order to function properly or to maintain their health.

Intracal is a dietary supplement that contains calcium orotate and magnesium orotate and helps the consumers to maintain the health of their bones and teeth, to control the blood pressure and a healthy nervous system.

intracalCalcium is a mineral essential for a healthy diet and vital for our overall health. The additional amounts of calcium and stored in the bones and taken from there when the body needs calcium to support its various processes. The bones are strong and dense due to the calcium contained, but neurotransmitter releases, muscle contractions and exocytosis require calcium as well.

Many studies have proved that a nutrition rich in calcium not only that promotes the general health, but it also treats some health conditions. Calcium is used to prevent bone problems, hypertension and kidney stones, to regulate blood pressure, to support the weight loss process and even for cancers or rectum, colon or prostate.

If taken regularly, calcium reduces the risk of developing colon cancer and cardiovascular disease, it cuts down the absorption of lipids in the body, it boosts the lipid excretion and it decreases the levels of bad cholesterol in blood.

Due to the fact that older people absorb harder the nutrients, vitamins and minerals from food, they need to supplement the calcium intake or even take dietary products with calcium. Otherwise their bones will become thicker and eventually they will develop osteoporosis. Calcium is deposited in bone tissues, but if the organism does not assimilate enough calcium from nutrition it will take it from bones to maintain the normal biological function. This process, if repeated, leads to damaging the bone structure, therefore many falls and fractures and even osteoporosis.

Calcium has been proved to support the weight loss process. During some scientific studies some volunteers had to ingest more calcium than usual and they have noticed that calcium acts as a remarkable appetite suppressant. This means that they have managed to eat less and they have not experienced food cravings.

Proper amounts of calcium are required not just for the normal function of the body, but also to prevent calcium deficiency disease. The symptoms of calcium deficiency disease are depression, muscle spasms, tingling in the feet, hands and face, memory loss and even hallucinations.

Children, adolescents, pregnant or nursing women and older people should increase the intake of calcium to support the health of their bone structure and to promote their overall health.

Intracal is a highly efficient supplement with calcium orotate and magnesium orotate that supports the consumers to build stronger and denser bones, to maintain healthy nervous system and cardiovascular system and to suppress their appetite, as well.

Take Intracal to prevent the developing of calcium deficiency disease and promote the general wellbeing!

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